Genuine Gold & Silver

Genuine Gold and Silver Hot Stamping Foils

22Kt Gold Bookbinding Foil

Our genuine gold foil is distinguished in the bookbinding industry for its super easy release and broad coverage over large follicle holes on difficult-to-stamp leathers; most notably pigskin. Non-flake, pinhole free genuine gold gilding foil is also available.

22KT Gold Hand-tooling Transfer Foil

We manufacture a foil specifically designed for, but not limited to use with hand wheeled tools on standard design rolling application, gold leaf embossing tools, rolls and stamps used by furniture manufacturers, leather artisans, book binders, and antique furniture re-finishers in hundreds of applications.

Genuine Gold Conductive Foil

Quick conductive hot stamping foil prints very clean and covers medium to large graphics. Contact Resistance on our printed foil yield various readings from 15 – 80 Ω. Resistance varies due to geometry (length, surface area) of material being tested. Our product is ideal for durable antenna design in RFID bandwidth (902 – 928 MHz in North America).

Genuine Gold & Silver Foil for General Graphic Arts 

We offer several Genuine Gold and Silver Foils for stamping general graphic arts. Each foil is formulated to achieve superior results when stamping over inks, stocks, and stamping surfaces that are challenging.

*  Contact us to receive product samples/recommendations or to develop a foil specifically for your application.