Dome Restoration

Many sign shops and architectural manufacturers are finding dome, cupola, and steeple restoration with Architectural Gold to be quick, easy and profitable! Whether you use it indoors on mantles, columns or raised-panel doors and cabinetry, or outdoors on churches, synagogues, temples, mosques or public and private buildings…find out firsthand why Quick-Architectural Gold is the ultimate gold leaf process in architectural and dome restoration.

Quick-Architectural Gold comes in 2 surface styles; Florentine Swirl and Satin Surface.

Quick-Architectural Gold is easy to install with no previous goldleaf surface gilding experience required. Just cut and stick.

Step 1 – Surface Preparation:
Quick-Architectural Gold must be applied to a clean surface area for proper adhesion. All loose surface materials and contaminates must be removed prior to application.
Metal Surfaces (sheet metal, copper, aluminum); old metal surfaces require power washing to remove all loose surface materials. Power washing will give you the smooth surface necessary for proper Quick-Architectural Gold application. Quick recommends two types of power washers:
• “Mi-PTM” – Mi-T-M CW Premium series belt driven power washer; 3500 psi
• Rotary Power Washers – 6000 lbs. per square inch; Rotarys need twice the poundage per square inch
Concrete Surfaces; old concrete surfaces must also be power washed…using the same power washing tools as metal surfaces. Once free of loose surface materials concrete surface must be sealed with two coats of West System epoxy. The epoxy will create a smooth surface for application and prevent moisture from seeping through the concrete to the back of the Quick-Architectural Gold film.
Fiberglass; Quick-Architectural Gold has to be applied directly on the fiberglass; it is recommended that previously painted fiberglass is power washed for paint removal.

Step 2 – Quick-Architectural Gold Preparation:
Surface areas are different in size and shape making it necessary to cut various sheet sizes and shapes for complete coverage. Quick recommends cutting sheets into approximately 6” x 12” pieces. Again, this varies depending on the structure of the substrate. Quick-Architectural Gold sheets must be cut and then overlapped at least 1/4” during application to keep out moisture.

Step 3 – Application of Quick-Architectural Gold:
We strongly recommend that you start application from bottom to top. Think of this application as “roofing shingles”… your tape is the hinge and your sheet is the shingle. Apply the above sheet so that it overlaps the sheet below to prevent running water from catching an edge.
• Take your sheet of Quick-Architectural Gold and place a piece of masking tape on the upper lip of the exposed gold side of the sheet so the tape lays half way over the edge
• Peel back the release liner on the side where the tape is over the edge about an inch or two
• Apply tape overlapping sheet onto the upper section where applying gold (use tape as hinge)
• Lift up bottom of sheet and peel off release liner; CLEAR SUPPORT FILM OVER GOLD MUST BE REMOVED
• Hold up bottom of gold sheet and begin applying sheet with squeegee or thumb, from top to bottom
• Be sure that the sheet you are applying overlaps the sheet on the bottom and left or right by 1/4” to keep moisture out
Continue these steps until you reach the top of your Dome, Cupola, Steeple, or Cross and every inch is properly applied.