Genuine Gold Striping Tapes

SignGold Genuine Gold Striping Tapes are the ideal finish to any vehicle lettering or sign design…or perfect as an upscale automotive pinstripe. Available in widths Ranging from 1/4″ right up to 1″; including 3/16″ and 5/16″ double stripes. Create decorative ends, corners and embellishments with our standard product to compliment our striping tapes.

Directions for applying SignGold Striping products:

Ideal surface temperature range is 65-­85 °F. Cool hot surface with damp cloth. Cold surfaces may require warming with a heat gun.

Clean surface with automotive wax and grease remover followed by water rinse and dry wiping.

Remove backing liner, expose adhesive, and position stripes on surface. Pull taut but do not overstretch during application.

Rub stripes thoroughly with soft cloth.

Remove clear top liner on the 5/16″ or 3/16″ double pinstripe by pulling parallel  with the stripes, not at a right angle to the stripe.

Allow at least 24 hours in warm sunlight before washing waxing, etc.

Maintain by keeping clean and using non-abrasive finishes only.

Example/Directions For Use With End

Choose the appropriate End, Corner, Insert or 3-Way Connector. For this example we have chosen a Maltese Cross End:

1.) The art file used is two part. The outline should be cut from any Cast, High Performance Vinyl. In this case black is usually your best option, as it will match the border of the striping tape.ST 2


2.) Apply the outline layer of vinyl to the vehicle or sign surface. Make sure the “Outlet” of the image is placed in-line with your striping path.ST 3


3.) Align and apply the cut SignGold layer of the on top of the black outline graphic using a medium to high tack application tape. Clear application tape will make this registration easier to accomplish.ST 4


4.) After removing your application tape, your graphic is ready for you to add striping. Start by making sure the leading edge of your striping tape is is cut at a true 90 degree angle.ST 5


5.) With your SignGold black-bordered striping tape applied so as to slightly overlap the black outline, you’re on your way to an easy install with high-end SignGold product!ST 6