Limited Warranty

Quick Foils LLC warrants that SignGold products are free of material and manufacturing defects at the time sold to buyer, and that SignGold Genuine Gold products will for a period of 10 years from purchase:
1. Maintain Solar Reflective properties without cracking, hazing, or demetalizing.
2. Maintain Adhesion without blistering, bubbling or delaminating after applied to approved substrates.
Quick Foils LLC, SignGold products are sold with the understanding that the buyer determines product adaptability for the intended use and test prior to actual use. Quick Foils LLC’s obligation under this warranty is limited to the replacement of SignGold products solely, and will not be liable for any expense, damage, loss or consequential damages of any kind from use or inability to use SignGold products. THIS WARRANTY IS VOID IF THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN SUBJECTED TO ABUSE OR IMPROPER CARE.