Book Binding Foils


Our exclusive 22 Karat genuine gold foil is distinguished in the bookbinding industry for its super easy release and broad coverage over large follicle holes on difficult-to-stamp leathers; most notably pigskin. Non-flake, pinhole free genuine gold gilding foil is also available.


(Bright Golds/Aluminum, Semi Bright Golds/Aluminum, Satin Finish, Pigmented Colors, and Extra Dull Golds/Aluminum)

We manufacture a complete line of quality foils used in the bookbinding and leather insert industry for over 85 years. Continuously upgrading product formulations, we supply the industries most universal stamping foil that meets customer’s demands. Quick foils are recommended by Cromwell Leather Group, for its ability to increase production speeds for customers: pinhole free coverage, coverage on broad surface areas with large follicle holes, and clean printing on fine detail graphics.

Quick case foils stamp on Genuine/Bonded Leather, Synthetic Leathers, and Book Cloth (Coated, Starch-Filled Natural, Leather-like, Rayon, and Buckram). For superior foil recommendations, customers are encouraged to send sample cases with stamped graphics for QRL to analyze.