Window Graphics

SignGold 23.5Kt Gold Vinyl Film

Reverse Glass Application

  1. In sign design software, do layout in reverse.
  2. Cut black outline and shade in reverse. The 23.5Kt SignGold looks best if surrounded with black or dark color.
  3. Cut 23.5Kt SignGold vinyl film in reverse and cut it so it fits halfway into the black outline. Make sure the cut doesn’t go over the outside of the black outline. You are essentially covering the open space within the outline with the SignGold 23.5Kt Gold vinyl film.
  4. Apply the black outline and shade FIRST on the glass.
  5. Next, register the 23.5k SignGold so it overlaps the black and fills in the open areas of the letters or design.
  6. If lettering is under 4 inches high, you can use your thumb as a squeegee to press the gold into the areas. **Larger letters, you can use a soft squeegee but be careful as you can cause scratches which might be seen in the SignGold5Kt vinyl film from outside and ruin the job.
  7. Application fluid is not recommended as it can be trapped within the outline and SignGold and cause problems. The preferred procedure is the hinge method/dry application.
  8. If backup black is preferred on the reverse-side of the SignGold 23.5Kt vinyl film, simply reverse-cut a good quality high performance black and apply over the gold. This would then look like the traditional neon black back-up paint used by gilders doing glass work over the years.
  9. After applying the reverse-cut gold, should you edge-seal? Yes, the One Shot Acrylic Clear 4005 or 3M Edge Sealer 3950 will help protect the edges of the SignGold from lifting during the window washing process. This edge-sealing is just good insurance against premature lifting over time. With proper application, reverse-cut window gold has tremendous life as the film is inside the glass away from the elements except UV. And, UV does not affect goldleaf like other less stable materials. SignGold 23.5Kt material is authentic goldleaf vinyl and has outstanding durability.

*SignGold 23.5Kt vinyl film is versatile. A double-sided film for use as a first surface or reverse-cut product.

**The THUMB METHOD is preferred as the best application procedure.